Field of Abundance is a powerful immersion in The Beautiful State Consciousness. In this course, you will attain revolutionary insights into all areas of mundane existence like parenting, partner relationships, wealth & leadership. You will discover spiritual solutions to conquer challenges.

You will awaken to 3 aspects of The Beautiful State Consciousness that will unfold as infinite blessings in your life.




  • Calm begins when your war with yourself ends. When you awaken to this aspect in consciousness, you love yourself. You love life.
  • You are freed of all past disappointments. You overcome failures and experience calm courage.
  • You are healed of childhood traumas and develop a harmonious relationship with your parents.



  • When there is inner harmony, you awaken to spiritual connection.
  • Nurturing this aspect of consciousness will bring to you the love of your dreams. You learn to manifest enduring relationships.
  • You engage in spiritual parenting, fostering your children to build great destinies.



  • You transform your relationship with wealth.
  • You are freed of limiting samskaras (past impressions) that hinder synchronicities and abundance in your life.
  • You become a conscious leader capable of leading organizations and communities towards an extraordinary future.
  • You are a powerful impact on the web of life.

The Field of Abundance is guaranteed to be an unforgettably delightful journey of deep insights, peaceful meditations and mystical processes.

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