Limited Premiere Seating Packages


Limited Premiere Seating Packages

$1000 Premiere Seating Package – Rows D & E – only 60 tickets available with a $600 gift value
Premium seats only 4th and 5th rows from the stage
+ Annual Manifest Membership (value $600)

$1500 Premiere Seating Package – Row C – only 32 seats available with $1050 gift value
         Premium seats only 3 rows from the stage
+ Manifest Membership (value $600)
     + 2 Oneness Yoga Challenge* ($99 each – $198 total value)
     + Mystic Secrets of Soul Sync* ($149 value)
     + 1 Individual Manifest tickets ($100 value)

$2000 Premiere Seating Package – Row A sides – only 15 seats available with a $1448 gift value
         Premium seats in front row
     + Premium Manifest Membership ($1200 Value)
     + Oneness Yoga Challenge* ($99 Value)
     + Mystic Secrets of Soul Sync* ($149 Value)

*Mystic Secrets of Soul Sync helps you glimpse the magical even as you walk through the humdrum and challenges of the real world. It is Sri Preethaji’s heartfelt passion for you to experience both worlds together – the mystical as well as the material, the transcendental as well as the mundane.

Enjoy 7 distinct lessons to ignite the Mystic within you with the power of breath, your state, and access to Universal Intelligence for creating your clear destiny and synchronicities through heartfelt intention.
(Value $149) 

*Oneness Yoga Challenge
Sri Preethaji’s creation of the Oneness Yoga Challenge is inspired by ancient Himalayan yogis’ pursuit of enlightenment and the mystic experiences from her own consciousness. This unique yoga experience is a waking up to your body’s mystique.

Oneness Yoga Challenge, built on chakra power, is a universal path to health, bliss, and oneness.

Enjoy 7 different days of 45-minute online instruction and experience BODY BLISS(Value $99)