Thank you for registering to attend this Field of Abundance Seminar (“Seminar”). We value your participation, look forward to providing the best experience possible and we have prepared this short agreement to detail the legal conditions applicable to the Seminar.   By setting and managing these expectations, we can best deliver to you the experience and knowledge that we offer.  All registrants and participants of the Seminar agree to the following:

  • All participation is voluntary;
  • All guidance and instruction offered is optional and for the benefit of all participants;
  • Any participant who repeatedly, or without reasonable grounds, refuses to comply with Organizer’s instructions in the Seminar may be removed from the Seminar and no refund or credit will be provided to the removed participant;
  • Seminars are aspirational, intended to guide personal growth and are not offered as nor should they be considered a substitute for professional medical treatment for any physical or mental problem, condition or issue;
  • All participants represent and confirm that they are in good general health, in sound physical and mental condition;
  • All participants assume full responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to themselves or their property that arise from or occurs in the Seminar and agree to make no claim and pursue no legal action for any loss or injury unless there has been gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing by Organizer or its agents;
  • All participants indemnify Organizer as well as its agents and partners, and agree to defend Organizer and its agents and partners from any claim of loss or injury arising from or occurring in the Seminar. Participants release Organizer, and Organizer’s agents, from all claims, damages and obligations and agree to not bring any legal action against Organizer or its agents and partners for any negligent or non-intentional act or omissions;
  • Participants understand that the Seminar may be recorded via audio, video, cablecast or any other use, by Organizer and/or the Seminar producer. All participants agree to this recordation and license use of their name, image, voice and likeness relating to such recordation. Any Participant may contact Organizer and inquire of the use of their name, image, voice and likeness.   At its sole discretion, Organizer will endeavor to accommodate any reasonable request, but is in no way obligated to do so;
  • Participants understand that no one other than Organizer, or those it authorizes, may record or observe the Seminar. This prohibition includes Participants and no recording or images may be taken without Organizer’s express consent;